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Here at CASE Hospital, we are committed to delivering the best in veterinary care for our friends in Anaheim Hills so they can continue to live long and happy lives.

The only way to ensure this is with comprehensive and compassionate care, which is what we achieve thanks to our multi-specialty care approach to veterinary care. Here, you can trust that your pet will receive care if they suffers veterinary emergencies or cardiology problems and requires surgery.

24/7 Emergency Care in Anaheim Hills, CA

We want to let pet parents in Anaheim Hills know that they can rely on our talented team to get the emergency care their pets require at those difficult times when you’re not sure how to act. Our team of specialists works hard to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your pet’s vet emergencies with accuracy, compassion, and efficiency.

Besides, our state-of-the-art facility has everything your pet needs to receive the required treatment and get back to their healthy and playful self. Make sure to get in touch with our team before you bring your pet to let us prepare in advance and receive them here with our arms open.

What Are Some Common Vet Emergencies?

You should bring your pet to receive veterinary emergency care in Anaheim Hills for any of the following scenarios:

  • Direct trauma from a blunt object. If your pet has received direct trauma to their body, they may develop internal bleeding and require special tools in a hospital setting to assess the damage properly before developing a treatment plan.
  • Open wounds. Lacerations require immediate attention to reduce the risk of additional infections that could put your pet’s life at risk. Pay close attention to your pet’s behavioral changes, as they may be indicative of an ongoing vet emergency.
  • Food poisoning. Cases of intoxicated pets are always alarming and will require help from a skilled veterinarian to get rid of the harmful agents and provide the necessary treatment. Be mindful of persistent vomiting, swelling, and loss of appetite to identify a case of animal poisoning.
  • Seizures. It’s very challenging for pet parents to identify an ongoing seizure, particularly if it’s the first time their pet displays the symptoms, not to mention that the signs are very difficult to identify. If you notice sudden lethargy, odd pacing, and behavioral changes that aren’t characteristic of your pet, you should contact a veterinarian. Here, we can help manage the problem and provide your pet with veterinary neurology care.

Cardiology for Pets in Anaheim Hills, CA

Fortunately for everyone involved, we work with highly skilled specialists who can identify your pet’s heart problems and treat them accordingly. Here at CASE Hospital, you will find certified veterinary cardiologists who can help with the following conditions:

  • Hypertension. In the case of dogs, hypertension is closely related to other problems in your pet’s kidneys, diabetes, tumors, and central nervous system. We’ll make sure to review any potential underlying problems and manage them properly to normalize your pet’s blood pressure.
  • Heart muscle disease. As your pet’s heart muscles degenerate, the pumping action diminishes, and it weakens. A veterinary cardiologist can diagnose and treat dilated cardiomyopathy before the stretching causes a heart murmur and arrhythmia.
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). If there are insufficiencies in your pet’s heart valves, they may require help from a certified vet cardiologist. Without proper treatment, this can lead to failure of both sides of your pet’s heart, which is why you should be especially attentive to difficulty breathing and reduction of stamina. These signs can help identify heart failure, especially when paired with a swollen belly, persistent loss of appetite, and pale gums.

We’ll gladly work with your pet’s primary care veterinarian to identify these problems and provide proper treatment. Please continue to take your pet for regular checkups that can determine what is going on with their heart and circulatory system.

Internal Medicine for Pets

Veterinary internists here at CASE Hospital can help create a comprehensive care treatment plan with their unique perspective and advanced skills. After all, internists have in-depth knowledge related to how your pet’s various systems work together, making them crucial members of our care team when planning your pet’s care.

Similarly, you can rest assured that our internists can help your pet when their primary care veterinarian refers them for additional treatment.

Remember to give us a call at 657-999-1150 for more information.

Surgery in Anaheim Hills, CA

Some pets require surgery as part of their treatment, in which case, you can trust our team to deliver effective solutions. Pets in need of animal surgery will find here solutions that can restore their optimal health. Here are some of the options we offer that can help your pets:

Minimal Animal Surgery

Some routine procedures carry less risk, produce less pain, and result in faster recovery times because they are minimally invasive.

  • Thoracoscopy,
  • Laparoscopy.

General Surgery for Pets

Some pets have internal problems that are not limited to a single area, thus requiring general surgery for a comprehensive treatment that can restore their health.

We might require to perform general surgery if your pet needs help with:

  • Compromised airways,
  • Gastrointestinal problems,
  • Head and neck surgery,
  • Severe burn injuries,
  • Hernias.

Orthopedic Surgery for Animals

This type of surgery helps address musculoskeletal concerns, meaning we can help address problems related to your pet’s joints, bones, tendons, and muscles. Some of the available treatments are:

  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury.
  • Hip Dysplasia:

Get Help from a Vet Hospital in Anaheim Hills, CA

Your pet is in good hands. Please get in touch with our team to learn more about the several specialized veterinary treatments that can help your pets, and how each treatment can advance. You should also contact us to learn about the risks involved in treating your pet, but you can rest assured that our team will work hard to take good care of your pet.

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"I've had nothing but positive experiences at CASE Hospital. The team's compassion and knowledge shine through in their exceptional customer service. They treat every pet with care and go the extra mile to ensure their well-being. The staff is friendly, approachable, and always willing to answer any questions. I highly recommend CASE Hospital for their compassionate and knowledgeable team."

Amanda Smith

"CASE Hospital has an amazing team that provides outstanding customer service. The staff is compassionate and knowledgeable, making every visit a pleasant one. They take the time to listen to concerns, thoroughly explain treatment options, and genuinely care about the health of the pets they treat. If you're looking for a veterinary hospital with a dedicated and knowledgeable team, I highly recommend CASE Hospital."

Trevor Johnson

"CASE Hospital is an exceptional veterinary facility. The team is incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable, providing outstanding customer service. They went above and beyond to ensure the well-being of my pet, taking the time to explain treatment options and making me feel comfortable with the decisions made. I highly recommend CASE Hospital for their excellent care."

David Chase