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CASE Hospital has several internal medicine specialists on standby to help your pets receive compassionate and comprehensive care.


Our job is to work alongside your pet’s primary care veterinarian to further the treatment plan goals with advanced technology and improve their quality of life!

What Is an Animal Internal Medicine Specialist?

Veterinary internists are specialists who have completed an internship and residency, meaning they have extensive training in providing the required care to pets in need. The additional training helps improve the veterinarian’s procedural skills as they become better at diagnosing health conditions and developing therapeutic treatment plans.

The team of internal medicine specialists here at CASE Hospital can provide treatment for a wide range of problems, including diabetes, endocrine disorders, digestive tract issues, kidney failure, immune disorders, lung problems, liver failure, urinary tract infections, gallbladder complications, and urological concerns.

What Does Internal Medicine Encompass?

Internists have a unique perspective related to your pet’s overall health. We take pride in providing comprehensive care for our patients, and this would be impossible without the help of our veterinary internists, who have a complete understanding of the complex ways in which your pets’ organs and bodily systems work together.

As such, internists can assess, diagnose, and treat diseases of your cats and dogs thanks to the following techniques:

  • Thoracic ultrasound;
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy;
  • Cystoscopy;
  • Laryngoscopy;
  • Minimally invasive gastrointestinal biopsies;
  • Rhinoscopy;
  • Ectopic ureter diagnosis;
  • Bronchoscopy;
  • Transfusion therapy;
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound;
  • Thyroid and parathyroid ultrasound;
  • Feeding tube placement;
  • Abdominal ultrasound.

It is very likely you’ll need our help if your pet’s primary care veterinarian refers you for additional care related to diabetes, infections, digestive tract issues, blood disorders, and more.¬†Additionally, our specialists here can also help manage cases of patients with neurologic or cardiovascular concerns.

When To Get Help From a Veterinary Internist Specialist

We work in conjunction with general veterinary practitioners who identify signs that point to diseases and health problems that require specialized care.

We expect your pet’s veterinarian to forward information and a thorough summary of the diagnostics that led them to the referral because it’s the only way to provide the necessary care to our patients.

If your pet develops problems or an illness that requires advanced care, cutting-edge technology, innovative procedures, or more specialized help, you can rest assured that our team of internists can help thanks to their expertise and advanced training.

Placentia Veterinary Internal Medicine

Now you know. Your pet’s general veterinarian can provide care to avoid additional health problems, but if there are additional concerns regarding your pet’s health conditions, you might require help from a team of veterinary internists.

Our team will coordinate with your pet’s veterinarian for specialized care in neurology, cardiology, and more. Give us a call at 657-999-1150 for more information.


Dr. Sam Rafia, DVM

Dr. Chi Tran, DVM

Dr. Ali Haghnazary, DVM

Dr. Andrew McGee, DVM

Dr. Esther Yang, DVM

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"I've had nothing but positive experiences at CASE Hospital. The team's compassion and knowledge shine through in their exceptional customer service. They treat every pet with care and go the extra mile to ensure their well-being. The staff is friendly, approachable, and always willing to answer any questions. I highly recommend CASE Hospital for their compassionate and knowledgeable team."

Amanda Smith

"CASE Hospital has an amazing team that provides outstanding customer service. The staff is compassionate and knowledgeable, making every visit a pleasant one. They take the time to listen to concerns, thoroughly explain treatment options, and genuinely care about the health of the pets they treat. If you're looking for a veterinary hospital with a dedicated and knowledgeable team, I highly recommend CASE Hospital."

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"CASE Hospital is an exceptional veterinary facility. The team is incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable, providing outstanding customer service. They went above and beyond to ensure the well-being of my pet, taking the time to explain treatment options and making me feel comfortable with the decisions made. I highly recommend CASE Hospital for their excellent care."

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