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Everyone here at CASE Animal Hospital is committed to giving your pet the best care possible, which means providing solutions for animal surgery when your pet’s care requires it. We’re here to perform only the necessary medical and surgical treatments and return your pet to their healthy and usual self.

We aim to provide holistic care to our patients, and sometimes that means surgery. Look below to learn more about the various treatments available at CASE Animal Hospital so you know when to bring your pet and what to expect when you bring them to the best veterinarian Yorba Linda has available.

Options for Minimal Animal Surgery in Yorba Linda

Not every case that requires surgery will result in complex procedures that leave pet owners fearing the worst, and even though every surgical procedure carries a degree of risk, modern techniques and our team’s continuous education put at your pet’s disposal innovative procedures that are minimally invasive and highly effective.

Here at CASE Hospital, we care for your pets as if they were our own, and these minimally invasive surgery procedures use small incisions rather than large openings that allow for precise treatment and faster recovery times.

Here are some options:

Thoracoscopy for Pets

This is a procedure taking place in your pet’s “chest” area, or rather, thoracic cavity, that aims to treat conditions of the heart, lungs, and other surrounding tissues. This procedure will also allow us to remove malignant tumors and perform biopsies, pericardectomies, and more.

Laparoscopy for Small Animals

This is one of the most well-known examples of minimally invasive surgery and it can help your pet with a faster return to normal activity, decreased pain, and a reduced risk of wound infection. Some of the procedures we perform include bladder stone removal, biopsies, gall bladder removal, and spaying.

General Surgery for Animals in Yorba Linda

General surgery will help address concerns that are not localized or limited to a single area of your pet’s body. These procedures cover your pet’s abdomen, thorax, endocrine organs (such as the pancreas), ears, nose, eyes, and more.

Our specialists recommend general surgery for your pet when they need:

  • Airway surgery;
  • Reconstructive surgery;
  • Head and neck surgery;
  • Treatment for hernias;
  • Addressing burn injuries or direct trauma;
  • Gastrointestinal problems;
  • And more.

Orthopedic Surgery for Pets

These are procedures that address musculoskeletal problems, which means taking care of your pet’s bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons.

Here at CASE Hospital, we will help your pet if they require attention due to injuries to their head, legs, and thorax. Here are some of the most common problems that require animal orthopedic surgery:

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury

Your pet’s knee ligaments can degenerate, over-stretch, and even tear, which will cause a lot of discomfort and put the knee joints at risk. We might recommend one of three common corrective procedures depending on your pet’s age, size, and weight. Make sure to get in touch with us so we can review your pet’s case and determine if they need tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA), extracapsular suture repair, or plateau-leveling osteotomy (TPLO).

Hip Dysplasia

If your pet had any congenital problems that resulted in hip joining developmental abnormalities, they will probably suffer from a lot of pain around the area. Solutions may range from surgical options, such as femoral head osteotomy, a double or triple pelvic osteotomy (DPO/TPO), or a full hip replacement.


Some joints, such as your pet’s kneecap or “patella,” can move out of their normal position, causing several problems. Usually, the joint may pop back into place, but these episodes can become more recurring and lengthier, putting your pet’s quality of life at risk. We can address these concerns with definite surgical correction, but you’ll have to bring your pet for evaluation.

Get Help for Your Pet in Yorba Linda

If you think your pet could benefit from any of the procedures we listed above, you should get in touch with our team to set up an appointment. Likewise, your veterinarian can get in contact with us to set up the best treatment plan for your pet.

We’re thrilled to help out pet owners in Yorba Linda who wish nothing but the best for their families!


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"I've had nothing but positive experiences at CASE Hospital. The team's compassion and knowledge shine through in their exceptional customer service. They treat every pet with care and go the extra mile to ensure their well-being. The staff is friendly, approachable, and always willing to answer any questions. I highly recommend CASE Hospital for their compassionate and knowledgeable team."

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"CASE Hospital has an amazing team that provides outstanding customer service. The staff is compassionate and knowledgeable, making every visit a pleasant one. They take the time to listen to concerns, thoroughly explain treatment options, and genuinely care about the health of the pets they treat. If you're looking for a veterinary hospital with a dedicated and knowledgeable team, I highly recommend CASE Hospital."

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"CASE Hospital is an exceptional veterinary facility. The team is incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable, providing outstanding customer service. They went above and beyond to ensure the well-being of my pet, taking the time to explain treatment options and making me feel comfortable with the decisions made. I highly recommend CASE Hospital for their excellent care."

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